Quintal, David Landers

No.13/942       Trooper

Auckland Mounted Rifles, NZEF


Military Record

David Landers Quintal enlisted in NZEF on 15.12.1914 at Auckland NZ. He was posted to Auckland Mounted Rifles reinforcements and he advised on enlisting he – will supply own horse. Quintal undertook basic training in NZ before embarking for Egypt with reinforcements on 17.4.1915. He arrived in Egypt on 25.5.1915 and immediately continued training. He was posted to Gallipoli on 23.8.1915 with the Auckland Mounted Rifles who served as unmounted riflemen. Apart from a brief rest period on Lemnos Island he served continuously on Gallipoli until the Rifles were evacuated on 20.12.1915.

Quintal returned from Gallipoli via Lemnos arriving in Egypt on 27.12.1915. The Rifles immediately rejoined their horses.

On 23.1.1916 the Rifles were again on the move travelling from Zietoun to form a line east of the Suez Canal. The Regiment moved from this line to Salhia (19 miles west of Kantara) on 10.4.1916 and then on 24.4.1916 arrived at Hill 70 (7 miles east of Kantara). The Rifles remained at Hill 70, utilising it as a base for patrols during May, June and July.

The Regiment were standing day and night patrols at Magebra on 3.8.1916 and it was on this day that Quintal was reported missing on patrol to Bir Abu Ramal. A search failed to find the men but evidence suggested they were attacked by two enemy columns and subsequently taken prisoners of war.

On 13.10.1916 Quintal was officially reported by the Turks as being a Prisoner of War. He died as a Prisoner of War on 20.12.1916. Where he actually died is unclear at this stage as there is evidence of  bodies being relocated to such burial points as Baghdad after the war.

Medals - 1914/15 Star, British 1914/18, Victory.


No -NZEF   13/942

Rank - Trooper

Enlistment Date -   15.12.1914

Place - Auckland, N Z

Other Details – described as height 5 feet 8 inches (1.7m), weight 161 lbs (73.2kgs), chest 35 – 38 inches (0.88 to 0.95m), complexion dark, eyes brown and hair dark. His religion was not given, occupation on enlisting was given as Bushman, last resided at Titoki, Whangarei and his last employer was Fraser at Titoki. He was not married, nominated as Next Of Kin Mr G C Quintal, Wakatere, Auckland (his Brother) but on roll given as J J Fraser (friend) of Mangatapure, Whangerei. He enlisted as David Landers Quintal and stated on enlistment 'will supply own horse'.

Units Served

4th Reinforcement Auckland Mounted Rifles from 15.12.1914 to 23.8.1915

Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment  23.8.1915 to 20.12.1916

Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment were part of NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade

Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury comprised NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade

NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade in ANZAC Mounted Division

Locations Served

1914 - New Zealand

Enlisted at Auckland   15.12

Proceeded to Trentham Camp to join 4th Reinforcements  15.12

1915 - New Zealand

Embarked from N Z with 4th NZEF Reinforcements 17.4

4th Reinforcements comprised 2,254 troops

W F Young also part of Reinforcement (Auckland Mounted Rifles component)

1915 - Egypt

Arrived at Suez, Egypt  25.5

Training continued on arrival in Egypt


Posted to Auckland Mounted Rifles, Dardanelles (Gallipoli)    23.8

All Mounted troops had to leave their horses in Egypt

Auckland Mounted with Brigade at Rest Camp, Sapri, Lemnos Island

NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade return to Gallipoli from Lemnos  10.11

Detailed orders issued for evacuation of Gallipoli

Half of troops remaining at Gallipoli commenced evacuation after dark   18.12

Evacuation of Gallipoli completed at 2.15am  20.12

All troops were transported first to Lemnos Island following evacuation

NZ troops were transferred from Lemnos to Egypt between 21 and 31 December

Quintal disembarked from Gallipoli at Alexandria from HT "Hororata"  27.12

Brigade ordered to draw horses and equipment and form mounted unit

1916 - Egypt

Departed Zietoun for Canal with Auckland Mounted Rifles   23.1

ANZAC Mounted Division formed with Division HQ at Salhia   16.3

ANZAC Mounted Division comprised :-

        1st, 2nd, 3rd Australian Light Horse Brigades

        NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade

NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade comprised:-

        Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment

        Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment

        Canterbury Mounted Rifles Regiment

NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade was in line East of Canal   16.3

NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade arrive at Salhia, 19 miles west of Kantara   10.4

NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade arrive at Hill 70 with Division HQ  24.4

HQ ANZAC Mounted Division move from Hill 70 to Hill 40  25.4

NZ Brigade remains at Hill 70 (7 miles east of Kantara)

Brigade remain in support undertaking reconnaissance work from Hill 70

Brigade move from Hill 70 on a temporary visit to Romani Camp 07.5

NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade patrol from Hill 70 all May, June, July

Brigade attacks Turks at Hod um Ugba     28.7

NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade still at Hill 70     31.7

NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade standing day and night patrols at Mageibra  03.8

Quintal reported Missing on patrol to Bir Abu Raml   03.8

Believed Prisoner of War    04.8

Court of Inquiry held Hod Amara    31.8

Report of Inquiry stated:-

    'Lieutenant Allsop was sent out to Abu Raml in charge of a patrol of which     Trooper Quintal was a member. It was arranged that in the event of anything going     wrong he was to fall back on Hod-El-Amara where there were Light Horse outposts. Telephone communication was maintained with the patrol until about 2200 hours (10 pm) that night. Firing began about 2300 hours and went on all night. Another patrol was sent out but could not get in touch with Lieutenant Allsop. The patrol did not return. On August 5 the ground was searched. Traces of two enemy columns could be seen. At Ogherating on August 8 a board was found on which was written "Lt Allsop AMR, a gentleman, now a POW, has eaten in our Battery".

Court of Inquiry found:-

        'Prisoner of War in the hands of the Turks'

        Officially reported as Prisoner of War, Afion Kara Hissar Turkey 13.10

        Died of Enteritis, Afion Kara Hissar  Turkey   20.12


        1914/15 Star 

        British War Medal 1914/18 

        Victory Medal 

Involvement with other Islanders

J L C Adams (Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment) arrived in Egypt in December 1915 and joined Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment. He and Quintal moved to Canal with the brigade on 23.1.1916. Continued to serve with Quintal in Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment until Quintal taken POW

G R F Nobbs (1st Australian Light Horse Regiment) served with Quintal in ANZAC Mounted Division from 30.3.1916 to 3.8.1916 when Quintal was taken prisoner.

W T Palmer (Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment) served with Quintal from time Quintal joined Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment in Egypt possibly July 1915 and they were both posted to Gallipoli on 23.8.1915. Palmer was seriously wounded on 28.8.1915, did not rejoin unit and subsequently returned to NZ.

R S Waterhouse (2nd Australian Light Horse Brigade) and Quintal both served in ANZAC Mounted Division from 30.3.1916 to 3.8.1916 when Quintal was taken as POW.

W F Young (Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment) recruited on same day as Quintal, both at Trentham Camp NZ, departed NZ together, trained together in Egypt. Young was hospitalised when Quintal departed for Dardanelles to join Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment, Young joined Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment at Mudros on 3.10.1915, then they served together at Gallipoli and travelled back to Egypt with Quintal on ship "Hororata". Young departed with Quintal to Canal on 23.1.1916 but Young transferred to 2nd Auckland Infantry Regiment on 30.3.1916 and departed for France 8.4.1916. Young was Killed in Action on 15.7.1916. in France.

Discharge Details

Died as a Prisoner of War on 20 December  1916

Buried Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq

Grave reference -  XXI. M. 8

Baghdad (North Gate) Cemetery is located 800 metres beyond the North Gate of the City of Baghdad on the South East side of the road to Baguba.

Graves were brought to cemetery after the end of the WWI from burial grounds in Baghdad and northern Iraq and from battlefields and cemeteries in Anatolia where Commonwealth prisoners of war were buried by the Turks

There are 4,142 Commonwealth troops from WWI buried in or noted on Memorials in the cemetery and 2,729 are unidentified burials


A Cable from Defence, Wellington, NZ to Defence, Melbourne, Australia dated 26.3.1917 - “Please inform Mrs N A Quintal, 43 Tebbutt St Liechardt Sydney her brother 13/942 D L Quintal died of Enteritis 20th December whilst Prisoner of War at Afion Kara Hissar.”

Quintal's medals sent to Mr D Fraser, care Mr J J Fraser, Maungatapere, Whangarei on 10.11.1921

Plaque and Scroll (No.510865) sent to Town Clerk, Whangarei on 9.4.1923 and 29.6.1921 respectively.

Extract from the Norfolk Island Times May 24, 1933:-

    “Thirteen Years Ago. David Landers Quintal while a prisoner of war in Turkey made a will in the end of his pay book by which he left his estate to Donald Quintal Fraser, then a minor. His land was sold on 31 July 1920, at the record price of 20 pounds per acre.”

Personal Details

Birth Date - 14 July 1865

Location - Norfolk Island

Parentage -  John Quintal and Dinah (nee Evans)  who were married at Norfolk Island on 25 December 1856

Marital Status - never married

Partner - n/a

Children - n/a

Life Post Discharge - n/a

Death Date -  20 December 1916 whilst POW, Turkey


Recorded in Diary of E Stephenson of Norfolk Island dated 21 May 1920  "Probate of the will of David Landers Quintal deceased was resealed by the Curator of Intestate Estates as agent for the Public Trustee of Auckland New Zealand"

Described on enlisting as height 5feet 8inches (1.7m), weight 161lbs (73.2kgs), complexion dark, eyes brown and hair dark.

Stated his occupation as bushman.

Quintal is buried in the North Gate Cemetery, Baghdad, Iraq grave XXI.M.8

British War



Bronze star

Victory Medal